Orbital Outpost Italy was founded under the vision that space exploration is about to take humankind on its next great leap into the reaches of our solar system. Starting in Low Earth Orbit and expanding outwards to Cis-Lunar and Mars operations and beyond in the coming decades will require a growth in in-space operations and we are dedicated to solving the problems in making those space-based operations possible via our engineering efforts. We believe that the time to act and solve these challenges has begun and thus we have too.

Our Mission

Orbital Outpost Italy is focusing on the needs future astronauts will need while living in space. As the upcoming Low Earth commercial economy grows and expands it will bring about a new class of astronauts, and with that the opportunity to offer more refined Crew Quarters as well as upgraded ECLSS systems. Environmental controls range from measuring the air astronauts breathe to fire suppression and a better galley to prepare and eat food. Up until now, astronauts have had to rough it in space when it comes to some home comforts; we see this as an opportunity to put forth improvements in their comfort as well as improvements to safety, efficiency and methods.

What we are working on

  • Crew Quarters
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Air rejuvenation Control
  • Galley, kitchen, oven concepts
  • Sleep Pods